The Girls

CH Asquam Cabin's The Aviatrix

GCHB CH Shalimar's the Animator x GCH CH Chocorua Asquam Flying Fifinella

Welped 12/18/16

OFA Hips fair, Elbows clear, Clear for Centronuclear Myopathy, Degenerative Myelopathy, EIC, PRA, Retinal Dysplasia & OculoSkeletal Dysplasia 1 & 2, Dominant Black

Ava Received her championship winning her 4th Major at the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston Show 6/18/2021

Thank you to all the judges that recognized our beautiful girl :-)

GCH CH Cabin's Sweet Angelica

Welped 1/5/2020

GR CH Stonecrest Cabin's Moonraker Caper x Asquam Cabin's The Aviatrix

Prelims Hips Good, Elbows Clear, Long Coat Carrier, PRA Clear, EIC Clear, HPNK Clear

Lilly_RWB_JoyceLove_LRCGB cropped_edited.jpg

GCH Cabin's Tiger Lily at Ebony

CH Stonecrest's Buckskin Frontiersman x Cabin's High-Heel Prada's

Welped 1/9/2018

PRA Clear, EIC Clear, HPNK Clear

Co-owned with Cecile Cohen & Claire White-Peterson



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Cabin's Pretty In Pink


CH-Ptd Raysun QuailChase Titan x Cabin's Kate Spade

Welped 10/28/2020